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Piccolo EU

Forno a legna da pizza e piatti gourmet con piano cottura rotante!
Compatto e facilissimo da usare. Un forno a legna per tutti i giorni.

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Piccolo by My-Woodfiredoven, Australia

Small and a new generation portable wood-burning oven.
With rotating hob and ingeniously designed features, Small is easy and efficient to use and blazingly fast.

We designed and engineered Piccolo to make cooking with wood a breeze and something everyone can do.

It is very easy to light the fire and in just ten minutes it reaches the right temperature, guaranteeing a healthy and very special cooking. With the rotating hob there is no need to turn the pizza or the baking dish. Just put it in the oven, close the door and watch your meal cook evenly to perfection. Making Piccolo the easiest wood-fired oven to use! It is like a microwave oven, however, it is wood fired, therefore genuine.
Piccolo is a fantastic addition to any outdoor setting. And thanks to its weight and size it can be placed on the balcony, on the veranda, to complete a barbecue area or in the countryside for a fun picnic.

Practical, fast and functional, Piccolo is dedicated to those who love gourmet cuisine, genuine flavors and conviviality. Whether it’s a dinner with family, friends or a pizza party, nothing is more pleasant than the atmosphere that only a wood-burning oven can create.

Piccolo, the beauty of a wood stove.

Product Details

Piccolo forno a legna da pizza e tutto fare. Inclusioni:

  • Porta forno a battente con vetro di visione
  • Canna fumaria con valvola
  • Diflettore di fiamme per la Pizza Napolitano
  • Finitura esterna verniciatura in polvere
  • Panello superiore protettivo
  • Thermometro integrato
  • Separatore di fiamme integrato
  • Piano di cottura girevole con motore a batteria
  • Supporti pieghevoli
  • GRATIS: Piccolo Pala da pizza + Piccolo protezione impermeabile + termometro laser. Valore totale Euro 180


  • Interno: L40 x P50 x H20 cm
  • Esterno: L48 x P57 x H43
  • Apertura porta: L52 x H25 cm
  • Peso: 38 kgs
  • Per pizze super large 36cm!
  • Si adatta a una larga pirofila da forno!



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  • Air vents. Allowing for variable air flow and optimum control of the temperature inside the oven.
  • Radiating baffle. Engineered for more efficient use of the heat. The heat circulates inside the oven chamber instead of going straight out of the chimney, reflecting it to the oven floor. And thus ideal for the best wood fire pizza, roasts, breads and slow cooked dishes.
  • Motorized 9V rotating cooking floor. Ensuring every dish is cooked evenly to perfection.
  • Built in fire separator. Ensuring even flame distribution in the oven chamber and no ash on your food.
  • Fully insulated oven dome and oven floor. For better heat retention and thus saving on the use of wood. Making Piccolo a very economical and fast cooking oven!

We have combined the beauty of wood fired cooking with stylish Italian design in a high performing gourmet oven.

Quality, versatility, efficiency and style. That’s Small

Termometro a laser per forno da pizza

€35.00 Details

Carello per forno da pizza

€315 Details

Diffusore di fumo per il forno Piccolo

€140 Details

Pala da Pizza per Piccolo

€85.00 Details