The story of Piccolo’s creator, My-Woodfiredoven Australia.

Giuseppe is originally from Salento, Italy, and food is an important part of the lifestyle. It is all about sharing and caring when friends and family catch up around the table.

In the past, a meal would consist of what was growing on the land. And everything was prepared in a wood fired oven.

“ The memories of my youth bring back the smell and taste of the meals cooked in the wood fired oven at home. The wood oven would change a simple and often poor meal into a delicatesse, and the atmosphere of sharing a meal with family or friends around the table close to the wood oven was always special. Such a beautiful tradition.

This tradition has grown into a passion for me, and from there even into my job. And this is my job since many years now: wood fired pizza and gourmet ovens, for you to enjoy.”

Over the years we have continuously researched new techniques that could improve the performance, the sizes and the design of the classic large wood oven from Mum’s kitchen. In fact, our wood fired oven is not only a simple cooking device. It has to meet the users expectations: looks and ease of use are both evenly important.

The positive feedback from our customers and the many people who come to us through word of mouth indicates we are are doing well, and it stimulates us to always try to do better.

Also My-woodfiredoven’s customer service is appreciated. We don’t just sell you an oven. From tips to recipes and shared experiences, each new customer will become part of e big family where you can always fall back on for advise, and share your own tips with others too.